People are joining right across the country, and these are not just people who've been members before.

We're recruiting people who have never joined a party in the past but want to stand together against the things this Conservative government is already promising to do. The Snoopers Charter is back on the table, They are already talking about cuts to the Access to Work fund, which helps disabled people and their employers cover costs of disabilities that might be a barrier to work AND we still have to find where they are going to make the rest of the £12bn worth of cuts they say they are making to welfare.


My name is Rob Hylands. I was born in Gosport, I live in Gosport and I work in Gosport. I am a local councillor and the landlord of a community pub in the very heart of the town.

I was the Liberal Democrat candidate for the 2010 and 2015 general elections.

I was born in Gosport, I live in Gosport and I work in Gosport.

I am not Labour because I believe in social and economic freedom.
I am not Conservative because I believe in social and economic responsibility, and
I am not UKIP because I don’t blame everything on immigration and Europe.

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Local Issues

Gosport has suffered from a lack of investment in transport for many years and endless minor improvements have done very little to address the real problem.
 We don't need more minor improvements and endless talk about a bypass, we need an answer now. I will fight for real improvements to the links into Gosport, sooner rather than later.

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Whilst the Conservatives shout about the fact that unemployment on the peninsular has gone down. What they don't tell you is that the number of jobs on the peninsular has also gone down.
 The lack of jobs actually in Gosport means that more and more people are commuting to jobs outside of the borough and putting even more stress on an already struggling transport infrastructure.
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The people of Gosport are concerned about the NHS. I have had more enquiries about our policy on the NHS than any subject.
 We can't trust the Tories not to privatise it and we can't trust Labour not to waste endless amounts of YOUR money whilst allowing private companies to cherry pick the most profitable contracts.
The NHS is high on my agenda both for Gosport and for the country as a whole.
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Education is right at the top of our agenda, the importance of getting education right can never be underestimated. Our aim is to give every child, no matter what their background, the chance to realise their potential.
We have had a long hard battle with the Tories over education whilst in coalition, to ensure that the needs of all children from Nursery to 19 are met.

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